What am I voting for?

Gulf Coast Bank's Community Rewards Program is an online contest that rewards a total of $75,000 to the top 10 non-profit organizations voted on by the community, that's you! The funds will be awarded in one $30,000 gift, one $15,000 gift, one $10,000 gift, three $4,000 gifts and four $2,000 gifts.  Prep wants to win $30,000; we can achieve the number spot with your help!!!

Vote Daily, March 2nd - 31st! "St. Katharine Drexel Prep School"



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How can $30,000 help St. Katharine Drexel Prep School and Students...if we win, WE NEED YOU!

You can help us win with just one minute every day from March 2 - 31st!!!  The more time you invest the more votes you can help us acquire (vote with every email address you own, share on social media, email/call/text a friend, family member, or classmate to vote). 

How amazing would it be to win $30,000 for these amazing students by investing a minimum of one minute a day, NOW thru March 31st!!! Ready to vote, click here!

Here are some ways $30,000 can help Prep:

* additional Chromebooks for incoming students and staff

* hire additional staff

* roofing and external repairs: gutters, windows, soffit and facia boards

* replace 5 ton a/c units for band room, cafeteria, and Drexel center

* updating plumbing and hardware in restrooms

* window blinds

* restocking science and math labs

* new lockers


Need help on how to get started?

1. Go to https://gulfbank.com/vote

2. Enter your email address and then click the bluish-green button that reads "No Access ID? Email me one"

3. You will be brought to a screen titled Access ID, which will explain for you to check your email.  The email will be titled "Community Rewards Access ID" and it will be from marketing@gulfbank.com It may be in your spam, so check that folder too!  After you get your code from your email, write it down, you will need it each day to vote with the email that you registered to that Access ID.  Now go back to https://gulfbank.com/vote

4. Type in your email address, access id, first name, and last name.  Then scroll down to St. Katharine Drexel Prep School, it will be blue when selected.  Click the box next to "I have read and agree to The Legal Stuff".  Then finally click VOTE.

5. If you have another email address, repeat this process all over again with that email address, and repeat, and repeat again with each email address you have.

6. Please challenge others to vote by asking them to visit www.forevertheprep.com Challenge them through phone calls, text, emails, and social media; don't assume everyone knows that they can be a part of this amazing opportunity to vote for Prep!

7. Repeat steps 4 - 7 every day with every email address, remember to keep a list of your email address and the attached access id.

No votes will be accepted after March 31, 2020.

Need more assistance or have questions please email the Office of Advancement & Development for St. Katharine Drexel Prep School at advancement@drexelprep.com or call/text 504-399-8118.